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Remembering Chris Corchiani

I got the idea of profiling random players from Boston's past from the stellar Washington Wizards blog, and fellow SB Nation site, Bullets Forever. I really got into the Haywoode Workman post. And while I did not plan on this becoming a series, it's been a slow summer and I've spent way too much time focusing on the Olympics. So check out the Sherman Douglas post from last week and catch up on Chris Corchiani after the jump.



Age: 40

Height: 6 feet

185 pounds

36th overall by the Orlando Magic in 1991.

Little Known Fact:
Corchiani was a solid player in NBA Live '95. Seriously, I did a shocking amount of damage with that Celtics squad, which off the top of my head also included Dino Radja, Dee Brown, Sherman Douglas, Xavier McDaniel, Acie Earl, Alaa Abdelnaby, Rick Fox, Kevin Gamble, and Ed Pinckney. I also had about 3 friends. Weird. And yes, though few people look back on Corchiani's Celtics career fondly, I do because of NBA Live 95.

Nickname: Fire

YouTube Clip:
Corchiani was the Fire in North Carolina State's "Fire and Ice" combo.  Rodney Monroe was Ice.

His Story: After graduating from Hialeah Miami Lakes in Florida Corchiani went on to a storied career at NC State. His arrival coincided with Rodney Monroe's and their 4-year careers were filled with ups and downs. They saw legendary coach Jim Valvano depart under a cloud of scandal. On the flip side Corchiani and Monroe lead the Wolfpack to its last NCAA tournament appearance in the 20th century and left as the school's leading assist man and scorer, respectively. Corchiani was also the first player in NCAA history to pile up 1000 assists. He briefly held that record until Bobby Hurley surpassed his total.

Corchiani's NBA career did not match his stellar collegiate career. After three seasons, 2 with the Magic and 1 with the Celtics, he headed over seas - Turkey, Spain, Italy, and Germany - for 8 years. Following his professional career Corchiani moved into real estate, had his number retired in 2003, eventually joined the Wolfpack pre-game show, and is active in NC State Alumni activity. He has five children.

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