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Daily Links 8/25

Globe   Redemption as good as gold      
Together everyone achieved more     
A Stern Warning   Carnival of the NBA #59:  We're all jokers    
CelticsBlog   Bummed about the JR Smith signing   
LOY's Place     About that tape...      
Rumors and free agent updates - USA edition      
Hoopsworld    A questionable Celtic summer       
Celtics 17   Breaking down Darius Miles       
Red's Army    Questions, questions, questions       
Dime  Recapping the Olympics, building Team USA for 2012, would you hire Rodman?   
3 Shades of Blue     Comparing to the Celtics       
Green Bandwagon     Remembering Chris Corchiani       
Hartford Courant    The Skinny:   Big story      
Metro   C's run with Miles      
Dueling Couches    My dream matchup:  Celtics vs redeem team     
Bleacher Report  Blazers face $18000000  cap hit as Darius Miles signs with Boston   
Armchair GM   Miles of implications          
New England Sports Blog    Celtics off season roster tracker:   Are we there yet?     
Lex Nihil Novi   Chelsea bar brawl      
The injuries                   The retirement