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Celtics Fantasy Sleepers

I don't play fantasy basketball, I've just never been able to get into it.  But many do, and while I don't have to tell you about the guys on our team, it was interesting to read a fantasy advice article on a few "sleepers" on our team.

Now on to the youngsters: Rondo and Perkins. I love Rondo this year, as he provides unusual categories from the guard position.  He gives you the rebounding numbers of many small forwards, and the field goal percentage is big man like.   Almost two steals a game doesn't hurt either.   His turnovers are also lower than most point guards, as Pierce and Allen share ball handling duties with him.   Target him in the 6th-7th round as a potential gem.   As for Perkins, I'd target him at the end of your draft as a good source of blocks and field goal percentage, with decent rebounding numbers.   Unfortunately, the presence of Powe and Davis behind him on the depth chart will hurt his breakout potential. Finally, nobody on the Celtics bench stands out as a must draft option or great sleeper, but if you need some cheap threes Eddie House is a fine late pick, as is Powe if you need a rebounder with some upside.   I'd stay away from Davis and you should take a wait and see approach with guys like Tony Allen, Giddens, Miles and Walker.

Also see: Our old friend Give Me The Rock who ranks Rondo the #1 value pick.

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