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Report Card Comments

Marty Burns calls up the offseason story template called "offseason_report_card.doc" and filled in some new text.  Enjoy!  Some noteable comments:

Thibodeau didn't flee-bodeau.
Last spring it seemed all but certain assistant coach Tom Thibodeau, the architect of Boston's top-ranked defense, would be hired as an NBA head coach somewhere. Now it looks as if he will be back for at least one more campaign. Although still not technically signed for next year, Thibodeau is expected to get a new deal shortly, along with the rest of Doc Rivers' staff.

They got a year older.
If only Ainge could do something about Father Time. Even though the Big Three got rest, Garnett (32), Allen (33) and Pierce (31 in October) all have logged a lot of minutes over their careers and are at an age where many begin to slow down. It will be interesting to see how much they have left in the tank late in the season.

Grade: C

The defending champs didn't need to make many changes. But will the loss of Posey hurt them come playoff time?

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