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Tony Allen Video

Apologies in advance if this video has made the rounds elsewhere. I just stumbled upon it today. And quite frankly I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. First the clip in question:

Boston Celtics Tony Allen NBA Players Profile A Indepth Look (via djricog)

Check out reactions after the jump...

1. It is no secret that Allen got into some trouble in his hometown. So it's nice to hear about him going back to pass out back packs, school supplies, and turkeys.

2. The quality of the clip is shaky at best. And it's not just the music and odd border. I struggled to hear what Allen said when he grabbed the mic. And it comes off like something he put together with some buddies. For example it is unclear what other NBA players will be profiled and who is providing these "in depth looks". In fact all we know is that whoever posted the video to YouTube likes Tony Allen. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just disorienting throughout.

3. I'm never opposed to sponsorship (see sidebars). Yet even I thought this one degenerated at the end. 40+ seconds was a bit much.

Ultimately it's great to see that Allen gives back to his community. He knows as well as anyone the obstacles along the path to success. And I'm excited that, outside of news of his contract, I have not heard anything about Allen this summer. I expect a solid contribution from him in '09. 

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