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Marty Burns on the Atlantic Division

Over at Marty Burns took a look at the numerous changes across the Atlantic Division this season. In the midst of the talk about Jermaine O'Neal's new team, Mike D'Antoni in New York, and the Nets maneuvering for LeBron James there was this bit of information,

"Last spring it seemed all but certain assistant coach Tom Thibodeau, the architect of Boston's top-ranked defense, would be hired as an NBA head coach somewhere. Now it looks as if he will be back for at least one more campaign. Although still not technically signed for next year, Thibodeau is expected to get a new deal shortly, along with the rest of Doc Rivers' staff."

At this point I had assumed that was the case partly because of Clifford Ray's work with Patrick O'Bryant (scroll down). And yes Danny Ainge did say he expected all of the assistant coaches back (scroll down again). However, that was July 24th. Still, I enjoyed the reassurance.

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