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Baron Next On the Medal Trail?

Baron Davis is pretty happy for USA basketball.  It looks like he is also interested in hopping aboard the next time around.

As written in his Yardbarker blog:

I'm so proud of our guys. That was truly the way to rep Red White and Blue. It would be an honor to play for the gold in London 2012 to keep the Olympic title where it belongs, here in the US. What a dream come true. I can hear the crowd now chanting: USA USA USA!

It's an interesting possibility, though it's hard to imagine Davis finding himself above third on the depth chart by the time the Games next roll around.

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Davis is only 29 years old and has re-established himself as one of the league's premier point guards over the last few seasons.  He thrived in Don Nelson's system in Golden State and is now looking to return in a big way to his hometown in Los Angeles.  But Team USA's two reserve point guards this year - Chris Paul and Deron Williams - are already ahead of Davis and may be the two best point guards in the league today.  Barring injury, those two are only likely to get better and to continue to hold down the top two spots at the point on Team USA for years to come.

That being said, at 33, Davis could make a nice elder statesman and spark plug off the bench for that team (assuming Jason Kidd decides that his playing days are over by that point), and his energy for the Olympic team is impressive.  The guard gave plenty of love to those that did play on the American team this year while also discussing how excited he is for the entrances of Spain's Ricky Rubio and Rudy Fernandez to the NBA.  It's certainly nice to see NBA enthusiasm for international competition growing once more.

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