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Taurean Crosses the Atlantic

Chalk up the European leagues for getting another American player to head on overseas.

This time, it's former Florida point guard and 2007 draft class member Taurean Green.

As reported by The Independent Florida Alligator's Mike DiFerdinando:

 Taurean Green doesn't speak much Spanish, and that may be a problem.

The former UF point guard confirmed Wednesday that he has agreed to play for the Spanish club CAI Zaragoza.

Green is in the process of negotiating what is believed to be a one-year deal with the team.

He would not confirm the specifics of the contract.

"I feel like this is the best move for me right now," he said in a phone interview.

Looks like the smart play for a guy who didn't get much of an opportunity in the Association this past year.

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Green played in just 74 minutes over a total of 17 games with Portland and Denver last season, and he was waived after a trade to the Knicks this summer.  This is a guy who deserves a chance to play somewhere, and he'll make more money and possibly have a better stage for exposure playing in Spain than he would in the D-League.  Green was the point guard of a two-time national champion in college and plays a heady and solid game as a floor general.  He has the ability to be at the very least a capable back-up in the NBA, and hopefully a good showing in Spain will open the doors for him to a more prolonged stay in the Association later on.

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