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USA vs. Australia Live Blog

Andrew Bogut is out for this one due to an ankle injury from a previous game against Angola. As a heads up this will probably be the worst live blog ever.

Kobe Bryant gets the US going with a bucket and 1. CJ Bruton answered with a 3.

Kobe misses his next 2 freebies and Rick Kamla points out that he's "shooting blanks from the line." So that happened.

Jason Kidd of all people sends Andersen's fast break attempt into the expensive seats.

Carmelo just earned a trip to the line and the ball because of an intentional foul. For some reason he did the Lamar Odom tongue thing.

Almost 3 minutes in and it has been a sluggish affair.

Kobe forces a shot, misses, and hits the floor. Lakers fans gasp while Brad Newley gets a transition bucket.

We're watching the 2006 Kobe Bryant on the offensive end right now. Someone must have mocked him after the 2 missed free throws.

Patrick Mills in the house. As expected he's not a big guy. I'm excited to see what he can do. Meanwhile, Newley nails a 3. Australia 10, US 7.

The 2008 Jason Kidd can not stay with Mills. Australia leads 10-9 at the first commercial break.

LeBron James just pulled a "nobody else in the world can do this" move and Mills responded with a "I'm the fastest man alive" move. Seriously Mills has jets. I'm going to have to catch a St. Mary's game next year to see what he can do against college kids.

Australia up 17-13. Mills is all over the place and the Americans are simply not taking care of the ball.

Bosh goes 1-2 from the line and then Carmelo attacks the offensive boards to make it 17-16. On the flip side no one can guard Mills.

Wade gives the US the lead with a fast break bucket.

Wade earns a foul on a three-point attempt as time expires in the first. Misses the first. Makes the second 2.

After 1: USA 22 - Australia 19.

Deron Williams finds Dwyane Wade for a fast break dunk to start the second.

And we've got words between Chris Antsey and seemingly all 5 US players. Not sure entirely what happened but Fran Fraschilla explains that it is classic Aussie ball.

The Americans are throwing up bricks. Aussies trail by 3. Can we get some Michael Redd?

LeBron travels after an air balled finger roll by Glen Saville.

We gets some Michael Redd and he misses a 3. In other news the Aussies are doing a great job preventing fast break dunks. Newley gets a fast break lay up and trail by 1 (24-23).

US 26 - Australia 25 and it's a physical affair.

Kobe hits 3 free throws. Apparently he's going by Doberman now. I wish I had a joke. To his credit Kobe picks David Barlow's pocket and assists a LeBron dunk. Another Aussie turnover and the US has the ball up 6. LeBron nails a 3. Up 9, can they pull away?

Kobe is extending some half to 3/4 court pressure.

LeBron misses a three, gets it back and creates an and 1 on a play that few, if any other players can make. Commercial break.

As a side note I'm feel less and less confident about Dwight Howard dominating the Olympics. Damn you atthehive for being right. US up 12.

Williams and Paul check in together as they did in the first.

Williams goes 1 of 2 from the line. Kamla discusses some cryptic Carlos Boozer statements related to his Jazz contract.

LeBron absolutely attacked a Mark Worthington shot and sent it into the third row.

Dwight Howard - still bad from the line. Americans up 38-25.

I demand to know how fast Mills is. He just left Williams in his dust.

Aussies creeping back into it with the ball and down 11. And here comes Kobe Bryant. He joins LeBron, Wade, Anthony, and Williams. Prince replaces LeBron.

After 2: USA 44 - Australia 29.

Quick Analysis - The American defense picked up and LeBron got hot.

Second half after the jump.

Barlow gets the party started and Australia within 12 with a 3.

LeBron misses, Newley hits. US lead cut to 10.

Australia down 6 with the ball after another US turnover.

Beautiful back door cut by Barlow brings Aussies within 4. Anthony answers. And Nielsen goes right back at him. Anthony gets a foul and a trip to the line. The crowd boos.

Coach K calls the first American timeout of this Olympic tour. Further proof, as if any was needed, that it is no longer 1992.

US up 9 after the Carmelo freebies and a Kobe 3.

Really impressed by Nielsen and Antsey right now.

Are we sure CJ Bruton and Andre Miller are different people?





Okay we're sure. But still.

Kobe puts US up 9 at the line. Worthington is not deterred and cuts it to 7. LeBron misses, Bosh fouls Antsey, and the Aussies look to cut the lead again.

Mills dares Paul to stay with him. Paul can't and Mills goes to the line.

Wade assists on a Bosh dunk, Wade scores, and Newley puts back his own missed shot. US up 11.

Barlow knocks down a lay up. He's come to play in the second.

LeBron finds Bosh for a bucket.

Shawn Redhage (of ASU fame) in the house and much like the 1st, the third will end with Wade at the line. He makes 1.

After 3: USA 65 - Australia 55

This is my first live blog and it has reminded me that blogging is best when it kills the time between games. So I'm going to bring this to a close and just enjoy the 4th. That's it for now until possibly a brief recap later.

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