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Topic Du Jour: Doc Rivers


Yep, its that time once again.  Time to trot out old faithful.  Any time you need to generate some discussion on the blog, just bring up Doc Rivers. 

He silenced a lot of critics by doing what they said he could not, win an NBA title.  But that doesn't mean he gets a free pass from everyone.

So do you think Doc proved that he's one of the top coaches in the league?  Or do you think he was just a good caretaker of the talent he was given?  I suppose the worst that could be said is that he wasn't bad enough to screw this chance of a lifetime up.

Do we have a clearer understanding of his strengths and weaknesses at this point?  How do we reconcile the terrible years with this one fantastic year?

Any thoughts on how he'll be able to handle the same job this coming year?  What about the following year?  How about when the big three starts to decline?

Trot out your old arguements and make some new ones.  Its always fun to debate about the coach.

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