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Superstar Theory Revisited

Robert McChesney (also known as Elrod Enchilada on RealGM) has championed a Superstar Theory for years now.  The theory is pretty simple: You only win Championships with superstar players in their prime.  The only recent exception to the rule was the Detroit Pistons.  Other than that, you can rattle off the names and each is either in the Hall or has a place already roped off in Springfield.  (Duncan, Wade, O'Neal, Jordan, Olajuwon, etc.)

Since McChesney is a big Celtics fan, he couldn't help but roll out the Theory once again with a 3 part mega series on

  1. Superstar Theory Part 1: Revisited and Supercharged
  2. Superstar Theory Part 2: Who are the Best Players on Championship and Contending Teams?
  3. Superstar Theory Part 3: The Superstar Thesis Going Forward

A sample:

What did Ainge understand? What did Ainge do? He understood that the basis for winning an NBA title is having a superstar in his prime. Not an all-star, or a bunch of all-stars, but a superstar. There are only a few in the game at any time so they are almost impossible to get. But he went and got one. He did so by carefully developing young players – aside from Paul Pierce the cupboard was bare in 2003 when he took the reins of the team -- and not being obsessed with short-term performance. By 2007 he had the chips to keep Paul Pierce and still get Kevin Garnett, and to surround him Ray Allen. He moved quickly and decisively in some of the most brilliant GM work in any sport in history.

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