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KB24 ( Jokingly?) Adds Fuel to Defection Fire

I wasn't there, and I didn't see the interviews after the USA topped Russia in a pre-Olympics tune-up.

But here's wondering just how serious Kobe Bryant and Mike Krzyzewski were in their post-game commentary.

As reported by Vladimir Mozhaytsev and James Appell at Sport Express:

Asked if, like many of his fellow NBA stars, he would consider moving to Europe to play, Bryant answered very straight-forwardly. "Of course. By the way, are you the owner of a Russian team? It can be arranged for $40 million per year."

"I would love Kobe to come to Duke University to play for me," added Krzyzewski. "I can't offer him that kind of salary, but he would receive a university diploma instead."

Coach K's comment is good for a nice laugh.  Joking or not, Kobe's surprises me.

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Unlike LeBron James, Bryant never seems to have been all that preoccupied with his global icon status or salary as above all else.  While the guy certainly wants his money, it has always seemed that Kobe's first priority has been bringing himself glory as a basketball player and proving and enhancing his individual worth (sometimes beneficial to his team, sometimes not).  Given the current state of the basketball landscape, the NBA remains the premiere place for Kobe to do that.  Hard to see him leaving so long as that's the case.

And here's guessing he was largely kidding in the first place.

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