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Heat Interested In Star(bury) Power?

Now, here's the type of rumor I like to see.

As reported by the Miami Herald's Barry Jackson:

With the free agent point guard list dwindling, the Heat spoke to agents for Shaun Livingston and Jannero Pargo (but did not make offers) while maintaining contact with Jason Williams, who remains a fallback option at best. Agent Mark Bartelstein said it's uncertain if restricted free agent Chris Quinn will return. The Heat, which has several trade options (including Oklahoma City's Luke Ridnour), would at least be expected to explore signing Stephon Marbury if the Knicks eventually cut him.

It's that last line that really does it for me.

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Any team that prevents the Celts from taking a shot at Marbury is certainly a good thing.  But a team in Miami is an added bonus.  Shawn Marion's ability to be a basket case, Marc Blount's nonchalance, Michael Beasley's partying potential and Steph being Starbury...all in South Beach?  Sounds like it's too much fun to be true.

And if Steph could somehow short-circuit the Heat from rising back into contention with a healthy Dwyane Wade this season, all the better.

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