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Daily Links 8/8

The Links are back after a much needed break.

Globe   Kobe to Italy?      
CelticsBlog    Livin' the dream with deputy Commish      
LOY's Place    Rumors and free agent updates - Kobe and LeBron to Europe edition   
Celtics 17   Sifting over the FA forward bone pile   
The underrated Paul Pierce             
Red's Army    That's right, World Champions      
Kobe suddenly a lock down defender again   

More Links After the Jump  

Bucks Diary    Win profile for the 2007-08 Boston Celtics 
Fox Sports   On Redeem Team Kobe has most to gain      
Mercury News    What's wrong with U.S.?     
SimonOnSports     Kevin Garnett offers a lesson to be learned        
Sports of Boston    Celtics player review:  Leon Powe    Giddens giddy for slides      
Bob Cousy:   NBA's first showman       Rebuilding efforts nothing new for NBA's VP of referee operations   
USA Today   The Tim Donaghy we all know         
Ball Don't Lie    NBA forwards who do not have a job      
Hoopsworld   Ranking the Eastern Conference      
NY Daily News    Ex-FBI big bets on Donaghy:  NBA dirt charges true   
NY Times   Lawyer says Donaghy will not meet NBA's investigator    
Spurs Report   Gary Payton to make it official          
SI Vault    The Pistol         
Wages of Wins Journal     A top trio in Houston?    
Sporting News    How many sobriety tests must Paul Pierce pass?      
Bleacher Report   Kevin Garnett is a better player than Paul Pierce      
Top 5 NBA players that may never win a title            
ESPN   Spain's Rubio among NBA prospects at the Olympics     
LeBron would consider European offer of $50 million a year or more   
Lex Nihil Novi    Best 5 year records in NBA history   
Red's bout with buyer's remorse over Russell      
Ainge waivers on baseball commitment             
RealGM    That 70's show:   Shining a light on the most underappreciated team      
Courtside View    C’s headed to UMass, Providence, Manchester in preseason       
Eagle Tribune    LeBron isn't going anywhere until he is crowned an NBA champ   
ProJo    Bill Reynolds -- U.S. Has a lot to lose if it’s not as good as gold      


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