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Atlanta Hawks Sign Josh Smith: Memphis Grizzlies do Their Bidding

The Hawks matched the Grizzlies' offer and Josh Smith will remain in Atlanta. Of all the free agents this time around, with the possible exception of Ben Gordon, Smith seems to be the one that took the biggest hit reputation wise. Plenty of people have questioned his attitude and shot selection while wondering if it is wise to give him a ton of guaranteed money. Of course Bandwagon readers know I'm sold on his game. I think he could do a ton of damage on the right team, in the right system, with the right coach...I just don't think the Hawks are that team. That's not to say he'll play poorly or the Hawks will be bad. I'm just not convinced the organization has put its dysfunctional ways behind it. Four closing points:

1. Get Sekou Smith's take on the deal. The deal is a bargain compared to what Okafor and Deng got.

2. They Hawks didn't really expect to get him at an average of $9 million a year did they?

3. Smith is 28 in the final year of the deal, which means he'll get one more monster contract if everything goes according to planned. That's why guys who can play want to get into the league as soon as possible.

4. Enjoy:

Josh Smith Top 10 Plays of 2007-08 Season (via atljsmoove5)

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