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Germany vs. Angola Live

After heading out for a bit and missing Russis vs. Iran (box score here - Khryapa played) I've settled down for some Germany vs. Angola. And here's 5 reasons you should watch:

5. The crowd is relatively subdued but let's out a "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" type of sound after every basket

4. It's just basketball. After logging on and watching the initial commercial I caught the whole first quarter. No commercials. And the second is already underway. It's fantastic. Just picture a NBA game on TV without a million breaks in the action. Or how about going to the game and watching it without kids on mini bikes, fans shooting free throws, and the rest of the side show? Does anyone believe I'm in my 20s after reading that bitter rant? But seriously during the timeouts you get highlights and views of the huddles before the game picks back up again. It's like going back to watch your high school team play. Just basketball.

3. Dirk Nowitzki is being Dirk Nowitzki. At one point he grabbed a board, dribbled up court, and drained a 3. After all that has gone wrong for him since the start of the '07 playoffs it's important to remember that he is one of the best players in the world.

2. Chris Kaman is one of my favorite under the radar guys in the NBA. And it may be even more fun to watch him play international ball. In fact he just made a nice spin move on the baseline and laid it up with more athleticism than I thought he had.

1. Angola aggressively looks to run. On top of that the Angolans have zero fear. They're undersized but continue to attack. Even as Germany's lead grows (46-29 as I type this) Angola plays hard.

I'm still on the fence about Spain/Greece. That's late, but it might be worth it. Of course there is a rewind option.

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