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NBA Fall (TV) Preview


We've still got about a month before we can watch basketball again, but the Fall TV season is upon us.  So why not look ahead to the NBA season with a small-screen feel?  Here's a quick look at some new and returning shows that you might be interested in checking out.

Heroes (Celtics) – Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the NBA Champion Boston Celtics!  KG has elastic-man type powers.  Ray Allen has telekinesis powers that let him direct the ball to the hoop from far away (he's also been known to freeze ankles on long haired Laker defenders).  Rondo has blazing speed and Perkins has super strength.  Oh yeah, and of course Paul Pierce has the ability to heal from a serious injury in seconds.

90210 (Lakers) – A classic Hollywood Showtime story that was great back in the day.  Of course the remake just seems to fall short. 

Crusoe (Cavs) – The story of a man stranded on an island all by himself.   Someday maybe he’ll find his way back to civilization, but for now he’ll pass the time wearing Yankees caps and humming Jay-Z tunes.

LOST (Pistons) – Since 2004 there has been season after season of action and intrigue, but audiences are still left with more questions than answers.

Life on Mars (Rockets) – Houston we may have a problem.  Ron is a mischievous Martian brought in to save the day or drive everyone crazy, whatever comes first.

My Own Worst Enemy (Warriors) – Follow Monta Ellis as he lives a double-life.  In the first episode, he gets injured playing pickup basketball, …or was he???

Kings (Kings) – Too easy.

Without A Trace (Thunder) – Missing: a team from the Seattle area.  Primary suspect speaks with Southern drawl and leaves only an email trail in his wake.

Gossip Girl (Knicks) – Last year was full of selfish, backstabbing action filling up the tabloids.  What will happen next?  Tune in to see.

Two And A Half Men (Heat) – Wade and Marion team up to look after young whipper snapper Beasley.  Hilarity ensues. (Note: I wanted to make this about the Nets as a shot at Vince Carter, but I didn't see two men on the roster.)