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Daily Links 9/11

Herald   Danny Ainge confirms extension for Doc Rivers      
76ers’ Andre Miller says ignore the rumors    
Globe   More on reported Rivers extension    
CelticsBlog   NBA Fall (TV) preview      
Memphis:  A particularly bad spot for Z-Bo deal     
LOY's Place  Get to know Rajon Rondo    
Rumors and free agent updates - Players coming back edition     
Sam I Am has a plan       
Hoopsworld   Evening Scoop     
Morning report  
20 Second Time Out  Kobe and the most famous pinkie finger this side of Dr Evil 
NESW Sports    Do not call Kevin Garnett 7 foot tall     
Drew and Corey      Darius Miles is still playing basketball in the NBA     
Home Team Sports   All American dream charity classic       
Parquet Pride   Quite possibly the coolest assistant coach around      
Baltimore Sun    Cassell says he'll become Celtics assistant after 2008-09     
And One    The Cleveland White Horses      
Sports of Boston   Doc gets ring then gets paid      
Lex Nihil Novi   Defense Rebounding and the Hall       
The heart of rebounding Part 1      
The heart of rebounding Part 2     
The heart of rebounding Part 3     
The heart of rebounding Part 4      
The heart of rebounding Part 5         
The perils of regurgitated news         
Should Rodman be in the Hall?       
NBA Celtics Blog   Jan 10 1956 Auerbach prefers Bill Russell to Tommy Heinsohn