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Go Smush, Go!

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With Goran Dragic headed to the NBA, his old Spanish team is exploring options at the point guard spot.  One of them just happens to be one of my least favorite NBA players.

As reported by The Hoop:

Rumors from Spain say that one of the candidates is Smush Parker. Smush Parker has played in numerous teams in the NBA including Cleveland, Detroit, Phoenix, LA and Miami. He also played for one season(03-04) in Greece and Aris Thessaloniki. In his last season he played for Miami Heat and the LA Clippers. In 28 games he averaged 5.9 points 2.4 rebounds and 2.9 assists.

Perhaps this will be for the best.

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Parker has been a monumental bust throughout his NBA career.  He has behaved poorly off the court, been hard to coach, shot the ball terribly, had defensive lapses and generally failed to make positive contributions to his teams.

But he is 26 years old, and if he chooses to work at it - no evidence of this so far - he has the time to revive his career.  It would be nice to see him bust his gut overseas and come back a different player.

It would also be nice not to have to see a team in the NBA delude itself into thinking he can be productive this season.  That way, everybody wins.