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3 Pack History Lesson By CSL

In case you missed it, Celtics Stuff Live just finished up a 3 part series looking back at the great teams from the 50's/60's, the 70s, and the 80's with some great guests telling stories from each era.  As one guest (Elrod) noted, this would be kind of pathetic during the 90's and even as recently as a year or two ago.  But this summer, it is all about basking in the glow of a 17th banner and appreciating the tradition that this team is building upon.

Check out the series by downloading them from iTunes here or by checking out all the show posts on the Celtics Stuff Live page.

In related news, if you are are interested in sponsoring Celtics Stuff Live - a unique live podcast adored by Celtics fans everywhere - then please contact Justin "Jughead" Poulin soon to get signed up for the regular season.  Act fast while 30 second commercial spots are available!