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Miles Is Some Number Less Than 100%

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In case you missed it this weekend:  Globe article on Darius Miles

Tim Grover, for one, believes Miles is capable of returning.  "He is going to Boston a little sooner than we'd like," said Grover, a fitness specialist who has trained Michael Jordan and other stars from the Attack Athletics gym in Chicago. "But, from an explosiveness and quickness standpoint, he is 80-85 percent from where he used to be, and my guess is he should be back to 100 percent by Christmas."

"I've been past the rehab stage since June," Miles said. "I am ready to go, but I just need to get in better shape. It's about maintaining the strength in my legs and getting my timing. I'm excited and anxious and ready to go and play. I don't think my leg will ever be 100 percent again, but I feel like I'm 90-95 percent."

I was told there would be no math.