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Good Thing the Heat Passed On This One

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Not sure I understand this move that was supposedly discussed last week.

As reported by Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski:

Miami has been exploring a lot of possibilities, including, three sources told Yahoo! Sports, recent discussions with the Chicago Bulls on several trade scenarios that included Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks for unsigned restricted free agent Ben Gordon, Larry Hughes and possibly Joakim Noah. Yet, those talks died within the past seven to 10 days and sources said there was no indication they would be restarted.

Well, I understand it for Chicago.  They're having trouble signing Ben Gordon, Larry Hughes is really bad, and Shawn Marion is really good.

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As for Miami, there seems to be limited sense in making a move for two off-guards on a team that already has Dwyane Wade, especially when one of those guards will demand to be overpaid.  Further, while there may be some questions about Marion's tendencies to be a basket case, he's still a very good basketball player, and the Heat have assembled a potentially very potent 2-3-4 combo with Wade, Matrix and Mike Beasley. 

If the Heat looking to deal Marion because they don't like the idea of playing Marion and Beasley together, it would seem that they could at the very least get much higher value for him than Gordon, Hughes and the possibility of the promising Noah.  Glad this didn't happen.