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NBA Previews Schedule

The annual NBA Blogger Previews are coming in October!  Here's the schedule:

 Boston Celtics - Oct. 1
 New Jersey Nets - Oct. 2
 New York Knicks - Oct. 3
 Philadelphia 76ers - Oct. 4
 Toronto Raptors - Oct. 5

 Dallas Mavericks - Oct. 6
 Houston Rockets - Oct. 7
 Memphis Grizzlies - Oct. 8
 New Orleans Hornets - Oct. 9
 San Antonio Spurs - Oct. 10

 Chicago Bulls - Oct. 11
 Cleveland Cavaliers - Oct. 12
 Detroit Pistons - Oct. 13
 Indiana Pacers - Oct. 14
 Milwaukee Bucks - Oct. 15

 Denver Nuggets - Oct. 16
 Minnesota Timberwolves - Oct. 17
 Oklahoma City Thunder - Oct. 18
 Portland Trail Blazers - Oct. 19
 Utah Jazz - Oct. 20

 Atlanta Hawks - Oct. 21
 Charlotte Bobcats - Oct. 22
 Miami Heat - Oct. 23
 Orlando Magic - Oct. 24
 Washington Wizards - Oct. 25

 Golden State Warriors - Oct. 26
 Los Angeles Clippers - Oct. 27
 Los Angeles Lakers - Oct. 28
 Phoenix Suns - Oct. 29
 Sacramento Kings - Oct. 30

(For those unfamiliar with the concept, here's the list from last year)

Here is a detailed list of all the bloggers taking part - in alphabetical order by team.

Atlanta Hawks
Matt McHale: Basketbawful
Hoopinion: Peachtree Hoops

Boston Celtics
Jeff Clark:    
Jim Weeks: Green Bandwagon      
FLCeltsFan: LOY's Place
John Karalis: Red's Army
Dustin Chapman: Celtics 24/7

Charlotte Bobcats
BrettL: Queen City Hoops  
Ziggy: BobcatsPlanet

Chicago Bulls
Nels: Give Me The Rock
Matt: Blog-a-Bull

Cleveland Cavaliers
Rock: Waiting For Next Year
FTS: Fear The Sword
David Friedman: 20 Second Timeout
Amar Panchmatia: Cavalier Attitude

Dallas Mavericks
Jake Kerr: Mavs Moneyball    

Denver Nuggets
Jeremy: Pickaxe and Roll
Nick Sclafani: The Nugg Doctor

Detroit Pistons
Brian Spencer: Empty the Bench
Natalie Sitto:
Matt Watson: Detroit Bad Boys

Golden St. Warriors
Rob Mahoney: Upside and Motor
Fantasy Junkie: Golden State of Mind

Houston Rockets
grungedave and UofTOrange: The Dream Shake

Indiana Pacers
Tom: Indy Cornrows

LA Clippers
ClipperSteve: Clips Nation

LA Lakers
Don: With Malice...
Kurt: Forum Blue & Gold
Josh Tucker: Respect Kobe
Trevor Smith: HoopsAddict

Memphis Grizzlies
Joshua Coleman: 3 Shades of Blue

Miami Heat
Darren Heitner:
Gregory Broome: The Peninsula is Mightier

Milwaukee Bucks
Jeramey Jannene: The Bratwurst
Frank Madden: Brew Hoop

Minnesota Timberwolves
Derek Hanson & Staff: TWolves Blog
Andrew Thell: Empty the Bench
wyn: Canis Hoopus

New Jersey Nets
Dennis Velasco: About Basketball

New Orleans Hornets
Rohan: At the Hive
ticktock6 & mW: Hornets Hype
Ryan Schwan & Ron Hitley:

New York Knicks
Joey: Straight Bangin'
Seth Rosenthal: Posting and Toasting

Oklahoma City
xphoenix87: BallerBlogger
Zorgon: Blue Blitz
Royce: The Thunderworld

Orlando Magic
Ben: Third Quarter Collapse
Brendan Sonnone: Believing in Magic

Philadelphia 76ers
Dannie & Pete: Recliner GM
Jon Burkett: Passion and Pride

Phoenix Suns
Phoenix Stan: Bright Side of the Sun

Portland Trail Blazers
Mookie: ...a stern warning
Benjamin Golliver: Blazers Edge
Coup and SJ: Rip City Project

Sacramento Kings
Tom Ziller: Sactown Royalty

San Antonio Spurs
Graydon Gordian: 48 Minutes of Hell

Toronto Raptors
Ryan McNeill: Hoops Addict
Cuzzy: Cuzoogle

Utah Jazz
Aaron (aka la287): Utah Jazz Beat
UtesFan89: The Utah Jazz
Basketball John: SLC Dunk

Washington Wizards
Rashad: Hoops Addict
HoopsAvenue: HoopsAvenue
Mike Prada: Bullets Forever
Truth: Truth About It Dot Net

Matt Moore: Hardwood Paroxysm

Are you a blogger interested in signing up?  Read more after the jump.

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Here is the template for you to follow:

Team Name
Last Years Record: xx-xx
Key Losses: name, name, name
Key Additions: name, name, name

1. What significant moves were made during the offseason?

2. What are the team’s biggest strengths?

3. What are the team’s biggest weaknesses?

4. What are the goals for this team?

5. (Insert your own question or title here)

Predicted Record: xx-xx

If you are an NBA blogger not on this list and you want to get in the action, sign up here.  But because of the time and effort it takes to put all this together, I'm creating a cutoff date of Sept. 20, 2008.  Any submissions sent in after that date will be rejected.  Sorry.

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