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Beasley Finally Drops Hammer

On his agent, that is.  After a few days of speculation, it appears as though Mike Beasley is done with Joel Bell.

As reported by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel's Ira Winderman:

The National Basketball Players Association confirmed today that Miami Heat first-round draft choice Michael Beasley has filed papers to sever his ties with agent Joel Bell.

The players' union said Beasley filed the paperwork last Wednesday. Under union rules, Beasley cannot sign with another agent for 15 days, which means he will be without representation until at least Sept. 25, two days before the start of training camp.

Not the biggest deal in the world, but it's hard to imagine some stability sooner or later wouldn't help Beasley a bit.

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Thanks to a bit of high school tomfoolery, Beasley's image wasn't exactly squeaky clean coming out of college after one year at Kansas State, and his remarks prior to the draft didn't do much to help that.  The short-short version is that rather than promising to cut down on future mistakes, Beasley asserted that he's going to continue to be himself and do what he wants to do, which made more than a few observers less than comfortable.

The last thing this youngster needs is to start getting overly wrapped up in worrying about endorsements and extra benefits, thus making him less focused on basketball.  If he goes out and does his job and behaves, he'll get the money he wants.  Here's hoping he can find an agent who works well for him and allows him to concentrate on what he needs to do without creating any extra distractions.  It would be nice to have a chance to find out just how good this guy can be on a basketball court without any of the external nonsense getting in the way.