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Doc Is Exactly The Same Guy

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Lenny Megliola has an article quoting the Celtics' owners on Doc Rivers:

Wyc Grousbeck and Steve Pagliuca never wavered. They liked what they saw in Rivers.

"It takes a lot to coach a 24-win team," said Pagliuca. It might have been killing the coach inside, but Pagliuca noticed how Rivers handled himself through the crucible, how he worked at practice like he had a first-place team. "Doc's a natural leader. He's a good communicator," said Pagliuca.

Grousbeck was impressed too. "Doc puts everything into the team, and expects you to do the same. It isn't about Doc. It's about the team."

And it's Doc's team for at least three more years, after the owners tore up the old contract and gave the coach a new one worth about $6 million per year.

The difference in Rivers with a bad team and with a developing great one wasn't discernible. "He was exactly the same guy," said Pagliuca.