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All Systems Still Go For Big Blazer

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The NBA debut of one Mr. Greg Oden is growing closer.  It sure sounds like all is still going as it should for the big man from Ohio State.

As reported by the Portland Tribune's Kerry Eggers:

"I’m ready," says Oden, who missed the entire 2007-08 season after undergoing microfracture knee surgery last September. "But the good thing about last year, it got me to calm down. I’m not crazy.

"I’m excited, but I’m not like, ‘It’s coming up! It’s coming up!’ I’m like (and here he softens his voice), ‘It’s coming. Let’s get it on.’ "

It's good to hear the man himself taking such a calm approach.  That's proving tough for some of us who aren't even Blazers fans.


No hiding it here: I'm plenty excited for Oden's maiden season in the Association.  He might not be a Celtic, but he is one of the league's most anticipated draft picks of the last couple of decades.  He is the sort of big men who could be a championship centerpiece for a long while, and it doesn't hurt that he seems just goofy enough to be perfect as one of the faces of the league for years to come. 

This is a guy who seems to be an excellent combination of physical specimen and kid who is still just a year removed from college. Looking forward to seeing if that good-natured dude truly can tear it up on the court with the big boys this season.