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Uncertainty Remains At Point In Miami

As high as we are on Mario Chalmers, it looks like the Heat are still a bit nervous about the floor general spot this season.

As reported by the Miami Herald's Michael Wallace:

Having shored up the team's depth at center by adding veteran Jamaal Magloire, Miami Heat president Pat Riley now shifts his focus back to Miami's other pressing roster need: point guard.

The Heat might also take the reclamation approach at point guard. Miami was among teams recently in Chicago to view a workout by free agent Shaun Livingston, a former lottery pick attempting to come back from a devastating knee injury he sustained two seasons ago.

Riley said this week the Heat remains in negotiations with restricted free agent Chris Quinn, who had been extended a one-year, $1 million qualifying offer this summer.

But the Heat, which has its $1.9 million lower-level exception available, continues to explore other options to supplement career backup Marcus Banks and rookie Mario Chalmers at the position.

Not sure how much quality beyond Livingston will be available for the LLE, but the concept of looking for a bit more depth makes enough sense.


While Chalmers is a nice NBA prospect, he did fall to the second round, and he is entering his maiden season in the Association.  Meanwhile, Banks has been an enigma throughout his career and a largely unproductive one at that.  While the expectation here is that Chalmers will lend long-term stability to the point guard position, there is surely no guarantee of that right now.  So to that end, bringing in a third player to compete with Chalmers and Banks seems like a viable idea.

Given the lack of a need for a pure point next to Dwyane Wade, how about a push for Damon Jones?