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CTC: Who Else Will Be Invited To Camp?

Countdown To Camp: 9 Days To Media Day

All this week I'll be counting down the days till camp with questions that need to be answered sometime during camp.

With camp right around the corner, I'm sure there will be news coming out about some non-roster invites to training camp.  Yes, I know that the roster is already filled and likely to be over the limit with contract guys once Sam Cassell re-signs.  But that doesn't mean that Danny will ever consider his scouting work done.

And there's no reason why Danny shouldn't bring in a few more live bodies to take a look at.  These aren't going to be highly sought after guys or big names or perhaps even guys you've ever heard of.  You can easily poke holes in their games and dismiss them as practice fodder, but every year someone comes out of nowhere and proves that they belong in the league. 

I think the backup small forward and center spots both seem a little thin.  I'd like to see Quinton Ross get a shot.  Darius Miles may earn himself a spot on the roster as a scoring threat off the bench, but he'll never be confused with a defender.  Ross is a defensive specialist.  The center pickings seem a little slimmer with DJ Mbenga being the only guy who's name I recognize and he seems to be deciding between the Lakers and Heat.

Still, that doesn't mean that some unknown player or two might not surface and play well.  Maybe someone from the D-League or from overseas.

What about old friends Esteban Batista and Brandon Wallace?  Well, it sounds like Batista is playing for Maccabi with Carlos Arroyo and I can't confirm this, but the Wikipedia page on Wallace says he's playing for a Turkish team.

I know that whoever else comes to camp has a chance of making the team somewhere between slim and none, but that won't stop us from starting message board threads that last 10 pages talking about them.  I can't wait!

Who else do you think is out there worth bringing in?