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Rockets Helping Out

You've likely heard that there have been some tough times in Texas lately.  Nice to see professional athletes getting involved to help out.

As reported by the AP:

HOUSTON -- The Houston Rockets purchased four tractor-trailers full of food, water and toiletries for victims of Hurricane Ike and players unloaded them at a distribution center Thursday.

The four trucks carried 80,000 pounds of supplies, said team spokeswoman Tracey Hughes.

Forwards Mike Harris and Chuck Hayes and guards Rafer Alston, Aaron Brooks and Luther Head carried boxes of food and orange juice. They greeted motorists who waited in long lines to get supplies in the parking lot next to the University of Houston's football stadium.

Rockets chief executive officer Tad Brown said the team tapped its relationship with Feed the Children, an international charity, to bring the trucks to Houston from Oklahoma City.

Can't argue with helping those in need.

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Natural disasters tend to be of minimal enjoyment for anyone involved, and Hurricane Ike has been no different.  It's hard to imagine that efforts made by anyone can do anything but help forward the cause of repairing neighborhoods and getting people safely relocated.  In a week full of stories about players disrespecting the national anthem and getting fined for not cooperating with police, it's good to see the other side, too: players getting out to help their fellow humans.  Kudos to the Rockets.