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Daily Links 9/21

Herald    Mark Cuban posts, removes e-mails on Josh Howard   
Globe    Miles seen as going long way toward repeat       
MetroWest Daily    Courtside View: Allen healthy, ready to play   Behind the scenes of Celtics' workouts 
CelticsBlog   J-Ho follow up- NBA best off not acting    
Celtics 17   Celtics on the presidential trail - transcript            
Red's Army    A week away...time to limit Ray           
Star Telegram  Josh Howard probably unaware of the trouble he's created for himself   
Hoopsworld    Five things we learned in the NBA this week   
Today's Zaman    Former coaches give 12 giant big men big thumbs up    
Heard On My Stoop   Josh Howard in fear of a black athlete          
A Stern Warning    How to climb a mountain - Boston Celtic edition      
Fox Sports    Bynum's return could bring championship to Lakers   
Bleacher Report    Is Paul Pierce a hall of famer when his career is over?     
NBA Roundtable    PJ Brown retires       
And One    Chuck Conners and Otto Graham - Who knew?        
Lex Nihil Novi   The not so green mile:  Walton reports he is ambulatory     
The not so green mile:   Walton puts on a uniform