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2009 Draft Looks Thin

Seems like next year's draft is a good one to not have a pick in.

Chad Ford has this to say about the draft class thus far:

NBA scouts continue to offer dire warnings about the NBA draft class of 2009. After two stellar years, thanks to amazing college freshman classes, a draft drought may be on the way.

"Even if you assume everyone declares for the draft next June," one longtime NBA executive said, "you'll struggle to find much star power or depth next year. My scouts are walking around depressed already and it's September."

Of course people seem to say that every other year and every year a few good players rise to the top or turn out better than anyone thought.  Still, I'm not too worried about the pick we sent off to the T-Wolves as part of the KG trade.  History shows that if we wanted a guy late in the first round we could just buy the pick.