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Good Start For Less Heralded Twin

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No, that headline isn't about Jarron Collins.  We'll pause while you sigh.

Turns out, it's actually another twin Stanford center that has impressed in his preliminary workouts as a professional hoopster.

As reported by the Arizona Republic's Paul Coro:

The buzz out of voluntary workouts of late has been about rookie Robin Lopez. It's never been a question that he would contribute immediately. The question about him has become just how good he can be.

It's encouraging to hear these sorts of things.

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The prospect of Lopez being an immediately significant part of the puzzle is huge for this Suns team.  This is a grup that has caught some heat over the last year for getting older and possibly missing its window of opportunity during the D'Antoni era by not guarding anybody and not developing enough young blood.

Lopez could be just the type of youthful spark that this team needs.  He is the type of energetic big man who can come off the bench and function in the Suns' up-and-down game, and he can also add a defensive presence on the interior next to Amare Stoudemire.  Further, when Shaquille O'Neal inevitably sits out a few games during the season, it won't hurt to have a serviceable man who can step in behind him.