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Quick Hodge Update

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We started following this story earlier this summer, so now that a possible comeback is a step closer to fruition, an update seems in order.

As reported by HoopsHype's Jorge Sierra:

Free agent guard Julius Hodge has officially been invited to the Nets’ training camp, according to agent Cervando Tejeda.

Not probable, but at least a roster spot is now possible with the invite to camp.

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As has been mentioned previously in this space, there is a bit of love for Hodge here.  It was a pleasure to watch him play his scrappy brand of basketball for North Carolina State just a few years ago.  As we've demonstrated ad nauseam in recent weeks, I've always had an affinity for following guys who starred in college but didn't have the physique to be projected as big-time NBA players (see: McNamara, Gerry). 

That Hodge was shot early in his NBA career and continued to bust his gut to get past the setback and give him a shot only increased my interest in him.  He is still expected to be a long shot to make the Nets' roster, but that he will even have a shot is a positive step.