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Daily Links 9/25

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Herald   At refs camp, a general takes charge of his troops  
Chinese star ready for Lakers’ camp          
Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers humbled by rookie incident      
Globe   Celtics tix to go on sale     
Globe launches weekly sports tabloid today     
CelticsBlog    That other former Celtic (and point guard) in Miami      
ESPN   You Tube baby    
Red's Army    The marketing of an 8 year old     
TrueHoop    Notes from a day with NBA referees       
Ballerblogger    Is Stephon Marbury finished?    
NBA Week   Miles away from a Celtic      
Steve's Ramblings    Can they repeat?      
WCSH6    Celtics bring trophy to Maine       
Hoopsworld     Top 6 shooting guards in 2009         
CBS Sports    Position rankings:  Young point guards conducting sweet symphonies  
Lex Nihil Novi    Not so green mile:  The second comeback     
The not so green mile:   Painful season ends for Walton      
Not so green mile:  The 1988 comeback     
Not so green mile:   Controversial end to Walton's career