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Globe Launches New Weekly Publication has a new tabloid covering sports on a weekly basis:

A new sports weekly makes its debut today as a spinoff from the Boston Globe.

The 24-page, full-color, oversize tabloid - called OT, which stands for "Our Town/Our Teams" (check it out online here) - costs 50 cents and will be published every Thursday. The sports weekly will feature articles by sports columnist Tony Massarotti and Boston Globe Magazine writer Charlie Pierce, among others. The publication's goal is to provide coverage of professional sports teams that goes beyond daily news.

Why do I bring this up?  Well, for one thing, it is always good to check out the latest in sports media (for more on this, see BSMW).  For another thing, I'm excited for two friends of the blog.

  • Gabe Kahn, a longtime writer/contributor for CelticsBlog will be an assitant editor and writer. Congrats Gabe!
  • Scott Souza, an underappreciated Celtics beat reporter, will be on loan from Metro West Daily.
I'm looking forward to seeing what those guys can do with this platform and I'll be sure to link to any relevant/interesting Celtics stories.