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New 'Tude In Milwaukee?

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The Bucks have a new coach and an overhauled roster.  At least one of the incumbents believes there will be an attitude change coming as well.

As reported by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Charles F. Gardner:

"Last year, it was like a snowball effect," forward Charlie Villanueva said. "Guys stopped caring. Now it’s a fresh start."

That's a pretty sad reflection on what went on in Milwaukee last season, but it's nothing we haven't seen before around the league - and particularly in Boston this decade.

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For what it's worth (possibly very little given my history of predictions gone awry), I'm not too psyched about this fresh start in Milwaukee.  The team doesn't have a proven point guard, there are too many small forwards, and the only indication that the Bucks might guard anyone this year is the entrance of Skiles, who has plenty of work ahead of him with this group.  This team hasn't picked a direction and stuck with it, and that's a worrisome thought.

But as the Mark Blounts of the world never fail to demonstrate, attitude and effort levels can make a huge difference for in this league.  Perhaps a Milwaukee team starting anew this fall will have an added spring in its step and a determination to disprove the doubters.  Here's guessing it won't happen, but it will be interesting to watch.