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Daily Links 9/26

Herald    Celtics have deep thoughts entering camp   
Warriors’ offseason filled with drama     
Globe    Animated Garnett is on another mission     
KG game release        
CelticsBlog   Rockets don't free Carl      
CTC: Who Gets Cut?      
LOY's Place   Doubters already at work     
Celtics17   Garnett Ready to Do It Again      
AP    Former army general takes charge at NBA refs camp    
Celtics 24/7    Celtics 2008-09 preview     
Herald Tribune   Names in the game     
Daily News Tribune   Rivers never lost the faith     
Basketball Professor    Ray Allen's shot is indeed nice      
ESPN   Brand new start:  76ers feel ready to contend      
NBA Obsessed    Celtics still the kings of the East    Burning questions in the East    
Lex Nihil Novi   Will the Celtics repeat?  Backcourt questions may make it difficult    
Fernsten's job is safe     
Celts prepare for coronation      
Green ready for the outhouse     
ShamSports   September still hasn't ended      
Hoopsworld    Camp controversies:  The East     
Daily Herald   Flash owner unveils development plans     
Central Maine Sports Blog   Interview with Jo Jo White (red talk show widget on top right)