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Kevin Garnett: Rested and Ready to Go

Over the course of the off-season I've been somewhat nervous about Celtics stories floating around the Internet. Kevin Garnett went a week without sleep. Paul Pierce was cuffed by Vegas police and then released. The Celtics partied hard in Vegas. Sam Cassell could make the team. J.R. Giddens has been stabbed. Bill Walker had knee surgery. Ultimately I accepted the fact that the C's are professionals and they earned the right to celebrate an epic run in 2008. And in early September the team reassembled and workouts began. Then yesterday's Marc J. Spears article went one better. According to Spears KG took the necessary time off after a long season:

"I needed the whole July for mental decompressing," said Garnett, who will head to training camp with the Celtics in Newport, R.I., next week. "Just calming down and just relaxing, let the body heal naturally."

Garnett didn't work out with trainer Joe Abunassar in Las Vegas this summer, as he usually does. But Garnett began taking part in workouts Aug. 1 at his offseason home in Los Angeles that included basketball drills and playing, weightlifting, cardiovascular exercises, and running on the beach. He also spent time working out in Minneapolis and said he "busted his [behind]." - Marc J. Spears

In the back of my mind I'm always a little worried about KG burning out due to his ridiculous intensity. So it's good to see he adjusted his summer program. And yes I still get a kick out of the fact that beach runs are part of his routine. For the record running on the beach is hard.

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