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Kendrick Perkins: Not Quite Ready to Be A Beast

It turns out that Kendrick Perkins (recovering from shoulder surgery) will not hit the ground running when training camp kicks off:

"He'll be trying to get through September," said Ainge, who added that the rest of the players on the roster are healthy. "I'm confident he will be in the starting lineup opening night." - Danny Ainge

Obviously someone from the Leon Powe, Glen Davis, Patrick O'Bryant triumvirate has to step up and deliver. Of course I'm confident in what Leon Powe brings to the table. Although I like him much more as Kevin Garnett's back up at the 4. More importantly I'm concerned for 2 reasons:

1. Even if you forgot about Perk's incredibly reasonable contract and ferocious attitude, you'd be content with the tremendous impact he makes on defense. Put it this way. If the Celtics had to play the Lakers tomorrow Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom would be much happier if Perk earned a DNP.

2. No one, Kevin Garnett included, wants KG to play the 5.

Ultimately it is way too early to overreact. As important as Perk is, the Celtics are not facing what the Washington Wizards are. Furthermore, we're going to get even more of a chance to see what Patrick O'Bryant can or cannot do. Finally, I always appreciate when an organization takes the cautious route with a player. That tends to pay off in the long run.

Hat tip Red's Army, and of course the Boston Globe, for the story.

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