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Good News For Rafer

Mr. Alston's health appears to be fully intact.  There were, however, some concerns about that prior to the end of the summer.

As reported by's Chris Mannix: 

Houston Rockets point guard Rafer Alston underwent tests during the offseason to rule out a potential heart condition, league sources told

Two doctors examined Alston and both cleared him to play, according to the sources. Alston has been scrimmaging with the Rockets this week and will participate in training camp.

The last thing anyone needs is a heart condition.  Good to see that Alston has no such problem.


It's been a good taking-care-of-business week for the Rockets.  They locked up Carl Landry on Thursday by matching the offer sheet he signed with the Bobcats.  Now, they know they'll have their point guard fully healthy and ready to go for the start of the season.  This is a team that is getting the pieces to fall into place at just the right time to prevent distractions or sluggishness heading into the beginning of the season. 

Come next week, it will be time for Rick Adelman to start getting three stars of his own to mesh together and to get the rest of the supporting cast on the right page as well.  This should be as intriguing a squad as any in the West in the season to come.