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Rivers was always good for a soundbite or quote (from Globe):

But, Rivers notes, the bar for the Celtics was raised long before the current group won the franchise's 17th NBA title.  "We're the Celtics, is the way I look at it, and if you want to be put in the conversation, you have to win more than one," Rivers said. "You can be a one-hit wonder. You can be Milli Vanilli or Vanilla Ice, or you can be part of the Celtic tradition."

Interesting note from the Herald:

Not counting icons like Jackson and Gregg Popovich, he now is one of the best-compensated coaches in the league.  "I wanted to keep it quiet," he said. "It was agreed upon three or four weeks before the news got out, and I was kind of upset that people found out.  "Personally, I don’t think my contract should be bantered about like that. Yeah, I was mad when it got out."

Also, Dell'Apa has some notes on the roster:

The signing of guard Sam Cassell is expected to be announced soon . . . Forward Darius Miles "has looked terrific in the summer," Rivers said. "But, clearly, you don't win it in the summer. He deserves a shot. The way I look at Darius, he's only 26, it's not like he's 40. He does have knee problems and we will have to navigate through that and he will have to fit in, like everyone else. And he will have an opportunity to do both."