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Summer Is Over!


It was a short summer, but for those of us that live and breathe Celtic basketball it still seemed too long.  Now the Celtics officially begin to defend their 17th title and look to add to the great tradition of Boston repeat winners.

Media Day kicks things off and CelticsBlog is happy to have JB from Celtics Stuff Live covering the event.  We look forward to hearing what stories he can tell from the festivities.

Admittedly, this annual event is mostly a dog and pony show where they trot out the PR team and put the best spin on things and generally do their best to sell tickets.  But this team has every right to celebrate the prior year and look forward to this one.  Normally I hate to repeat myself, but it is just too fun to say...

The Boston Celtics are the defending Champions of the NBA!

How good does that feel to say?  That seriously never gets old for me.

I'm sure the Daily Links will be up soon (and just wait till you see the links tomorrow - please FLCeltsfan, pace yourself and take a breath every few minutes) but I thought I'd drop a couple on you to start things off.

Which reminds me.  There are now ZERO days left till Media Day.  For review, here are the camp questions I came up with.  We'll see how many are answered in the next few weeks.

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