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What Can Tony Allen Bring?

One key question I missed on my Countdown To Camp series was the state of Tony Allen on this team.  With Posey gone, he's the guy everyone will look to for a defensive effort off the bench.  Is his leg healed?  Is his head right?  Can he perform?  Bulpett looks at this issue in an article in the Herald.

What Rivers wants is for Allen to play his signature defense and be a slasher to the hoop at the other end. He’d like to see him moving more in straight lines than getting fancy. Rivers stopped a few feet short of handing Allen the keys to the rotation, remaining more hopeful than certain.

"He has a great opportunity, but again, he’s going to have to do it," Rivers said. "A lot of guys have had opportunities. I’m just happy he’s not running around with the knee brace. Mentally I think he’s in a great place. We’ll see, but he’s put in the time."

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