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First Notes From Practice

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For those breathlessly waiting for the first notes on the first practice, your wait is finally over!  From

One guy who knows the stuff but can't show it is Kendrick Perkins, who's still restricted to non-contact drills only, and spent the end of Monday morning's session watching teammates scrimmage. Perkins got some extra midrange shooting in at the end of the session, but according to Rivers, he isn't expected to really take part in any of the training camp or play in at least the first four exhibition games.

With Perk on the shelf, newcomer Patrick O'Bryant got the nod to play with the green team alongside Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo.

"Patrick gets to play with the starters all practice. That can't hurt a guy like him. He's the only other tall guy," Rivers said, noting that while the media's been talking about Posey's departure, he's more concerned with the absence of P.J. Brown. "Patrick has a chance to take that role."

As for the Posey role, Darius Miles is hoping to compete with Tony Allen for those minutes, and Rivers liked what he saw out of Miles this morning, even if it was brief. But given that he's been all but out of the league for the past two seasons, Rivers will take what he can get.

"I thought by mid practice he was spent, but he fought through it and played," Rivers said of Miles, who he says has "great instincts and feel" for the game.