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Sixers Add Another Vet

Two weeks after signing Theo Ratliff, the Sixers are adding another thirty-something veteran to their new-look roster.

As reported by Phil Jasner of the Philadelphia Daily News:

The 76ers have agreed to terms with unrestricted free agent forward Donyell Marshall on a minimum salary contract, the Daily News has learned. 

The Sixers have had interest in Marshall, 35, for many weeks, but bided their time while he remained under contract to Oklahoma City with a salary of more than $5 million. When the franchise that is transplanting from Seattle waived him in a buyout situation, the Sixers - in search of a perimeter shooter - made contact.

A minimum salary for players with at least 10 seasons of NBA experience is $1,262,275, with a portion covered by a leaguewide pool.

This is a more sensible signing for the Sixers than it would have been for the Celtics.

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The contention in this space has been that Marshall wouldn't have been a good signing for the Celts because while he has a reputation as an outside shooter, he would have done little to fill the Celtics' needs among their bigs or as a defensive wing.  The Sixers aren't in quite the same situation as they have fairly substantial veteran depth in the frontcourt with Elton Brand, Sam Dalembert, Reggie Evans, Theo Ratliff and rookie Marreese Speights.  The Sixers have been shopping primarily for more veterans and outside shooting, and while Marshall hasn't been great from the field in recent seasons, he does have the ability to make shots from distance, and he could be a nice addition to the back of the Philly bench.  Not terrible use of a roster spot given the slim pickings that remain available at this point.