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Daily Links 9/4

Herald    Reports say Warriors’ Monta Ellis has additional injuries    Leon Powe and the Trophy at Natick Mall    
CelticsBlog   Judgment Questions For Pair of Jayhawks     
LOY's Place    Rumors and free agent updates - Rookies in trouble edition
Hoopsworld   Morning report:  Moving Jamaal part 2         
ESPN   Chalmers, Arthur caught with marijuana at rookie camp     
Cuts, abrasions lead some to question cause of Ellis' injury     
Oklahoma City will be named Thunder, wear blue, orange, yellow    
Ginobili has surgery on left ankle ligament         
Burlington Free Press    Celtics' trophy headed to town   
Home Team Sports    Poking for a cause        
Hornets 24/7     Are 61 wins reasonable for the New Orleans Hornets?         
Rebublican American   Gomes has it all in place           
MassLive    Coaching life of Pat Riley highlighted by 5 NBA crowns     
Fox Sports     Which NBA coaches make the biggest impact?      
Sports of Boston     Four point play       
Lex Nihil Novi     Shaq v Walton      
Bill Walton's final months as a Celtic      
Bill Walton's final months as a Celtic December 1986     
Name that Celtic       
Exuberant Carr still rehabbing injury     Cavs looking to add  big man    
Can Danny?    Lame         
NBA Celtics Blog  Jan 5, 1956 Celtics beat Knicks in 3rd game in 3 days between teams