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Russian Offer Enough for Gordon?

Rumor has it that Ben Gordon has received at least one formal overseas offer, but how that offer will help him make a decision on where to play this season is uncertain.

As reported by the Daily Herald's Mike McGraw:

Multiple Internet reports based in Europe suggested Tuesday that Bulls guard Ben Gordon has had talks with overseas power CSKA Moscow about signing a one-year contract. Gordon, a restricted free agent, and the Bulls have been in a negotiating stalemate all summer.

It's possible Gordon would prefer joining a European team over signing the one-year qualifying offer from the Bulls worth $6.4 million. One site pegged CSKA's offer at $5.5 million. Either way, Gordon would become an unrestricted free agent next summer, when several NBA clubs are expected to have salary-cap room.

Not sure I'm buying the idea of Gordon leaving for less than the qualifying offer.

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Gordon has made it clear thus far that his major concern is being paid 'like a leading scorer' or at least as close to it as possible.  While the qualifying offer doesn't get him what he wants, it's certainly a step closer than the money CSKA is offering.  Further, while a guard logjam might be a concern in Chicago, Gordon should still have the inside track for minutes at the two against the likes of Kirk Hinrich (really a point guard) and Larry Hughes (really terrible).  It's hard to imagine that he would be willing to uproot himself and leave his country in order to make less money than he would have this season for the same end result, which would be unrestricted free agency next summer.

Unless he gets an exorbitant offer from across the pond, it seems logical that Gordon will simply end up biting the bullet and taking the qualifying offer for a year if the Bulls don't up their long-term offer to a point of satisfaction for him.  Which they shouldn't.