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Daily Links 9/5

Herald    Dwight Howard visits Atlanta alma mater with gold medal     
New Hall class talk of town    
Still a rookie, Greg Oden joins others for orientation     
Report: Former Kansas players booted from NBA rookie transition program     
Globe    A slam dunk      
Celtics championship trophy to visit Vermont      
CelticsBlog   Wondering What Season Five Will Bring For Big Al       
LOY's Place    Playing H-O-R-S-E      
Hoopsworld     Injuries happen       
The Hall of Fame         
Evening scoop:  Should West go West?        
Central also deep    Stoudamire's Search   LeBron gets S-M-O-K-E-D            
NY Daily News     Stephon Marbury's cousin writes about NBA star      
Sports of Boston   Celtics player review:  Kevin Garnett         
The Salt Palace   Could NBA players make in the NFL?      
Lex Nihil Novi   Jabbar was a Celtics fan      
When the Bucks dealt Jabbar part 1         
When the Bucks dealt Jabbar part 2          
When the Bucks dealt Jabbar part 3          
When the Bucks dealt Jabbar part 4     
SLAM   Big three rankings             
Friends of the West Town Museum    Operation Uplift salutes Maywood's Doc Rivers