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And I'm Back...Kind Of

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So it's been a while since I've posted around here. After Boston's championship run and the Olympics it was time to step away for a bit. To be honest it was strange. Of course there are player profiles, opponent previews, and plenty of other posts to write. And yet I'm up against the worst case of writer's block I've encountered since I started blogging. Factor in fantasy baseball playoffs on the horizon, the start of fantasy football/the return of the Patriots, and the most real work I've had in quite some time, and I'm not exactly sure when things will pick up again. Ideally I'll get some small posts up over the course of the coming week. In the meantime let's all enjoy some Bill Walker dunks:

Bill Walker - Dunking God (via mixstealer300)

2 Points:

1. The Massive Vertical Jump advertisement is a bit much. But for a moment I almost tricked myself into thinking I could somehow jump like Walker. I visited the website before my sanity returned. It helped that it's the worst website ever. Did I blackout and wake up in the 90s?

2. There are guys who can dunk. And guys who can dunk during traffic. Walker is the latter.