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Daily Links 9/6

Herald    Ewing, Olajuwon linked again, this time in Hall      
Globe   A dream scenario for Ewing     
Black greats get 2d shot     
Meet Leon      
Presale tickets       
CelticsBlog   Curious about expectations for big former Buckeye    
LOY's Place   The original showtime basketball 
Rumors and free agent updates - Hornets are frontrunners edition  
Daily Gazette    Riley credits Schenectady roots to career of success          
Lex Nihil Novi    Ainge biding his time            
Bird brilliant in pre-season opener      
Celtics to work out Antoine Walker and Kobe Bryant  6/13/96     
Kobe Bryant gets ML's attention     
Big Easy Buzz Blog    Athlon picks Hornets to win NBA title     
Fox Sports    If Celtics can't repeat it's their own fault        
Hornets Beat    New Orleans favorites for the title?  One mag thinks so       
Sporting News   Marbury's cousin in book:  Stephon's selfish    
Ewing enters basketball immortality, reinforces Boston's glowing race relations     
SLAM    Searching for a consistent jump shot         
NBA CelticsBlog    Jan 7, 1956 Celtics beat Nationals 105-99